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Privacy Statement

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You take your privacy seriously and so does Emery Fed. We are a company committed to protecting the personal information and privacy of our customers. This statement is one way of sustaining your trust in our company, our products and our services.

Privacy (Website Visitors)
Our Online Privacy Statement describes how we collect, protect and use information about you either during your visit to our web site or when you are an Emery Fed Mortgage customer.

Information We Collect About You during Your Online Visit

Website Visitors / Registered Users
When you browse our site as a visitor, we may collect and store information about your online visit. Information collected about registered users is used and shared in accordance with our customer privacy notice and practices. This information may include the time and length of your visit, the pages you view on our site, the last site you visited before coming to ours, and the name of your internet service provider.

We use this data on an aggregate basis to measure site activity, and on an individual basis to make the site more useful and provide information that may be of interest to you.

Information Collection and Sharing Practices for Existing Customers
Existing Customer/Registered Users

Information we collect and how it may be disclosed is contained in our Privacy Notice, which includes additional information regarding your privacy choices. Briefly, we collect information about you for example, when you:

  • Apply for a loan;

We also collect personal information from you or others, such as credit bureaus, affiliates, employers, or others.

What We Share
We may share personal information that includes, but is not limited to your:

  • name, address, and other account application information;
  • account balances, transactions, and payment history
  • creditworthiness including credit history and credit score.

With Whom We Share
We disclose some of the information we collect about you to third parties such as credit reporting agencies, regulators and loan investors. These types of third parties are called non-affiliated third parties.

We may also share some of this information with companies performing services on our behalf such as the vendors. These types of vendors are called service providers.

We may share information we collect about you with companies with whom we have formal agreements to offer you financial products and services. These types of relationships are called joint marketing partnerships.

Customer Information Sharing Choices/Opt Out

Federal Law
Federal law requires us to tell you how we collect, share, and protect personal information about our customers. While Federal law allows us to share information about you to run our business, to perform services and offer our products, Federal law also gives you the right to limit some, but not all, sharing of your personal information.

Specifically, Federal law allows you to opt out/restrict us from sharing information as follows:

  • About your credit worthiness with our affiliates; and
  • To non-affiliates to offer you their products and services
  • Creditworthiness including credit history and credit score.

State Laws
State laws may give you additional rights regarding our information sharing limitations.

We share personal information about you as permitted by the law of the state in which you reside and in accordance with federal law.

Customer Data Protection
We are a company committed to securing personal information and protecting the privacy of our customers. We use security measures that comply with federal law including assessing risk and using reasonable controls to protect customer information.

Our company culture is to treat customer information the way we would want our own information treated. We train employees on handling and securing customer data to maintain a culture of protection and security. It is the responsibility of every associate, affiliate, and nonaffiliate to care for personal information about our customers.

Identity Theft / Fraudulent Activities
Identity Theft/Fraud

Identity Theft occurs when someone uses sensitive information, called Personally Identifiable Information (or PII) of another person without their permission to commit fraud or other crimes, such as Account Takeover or Application Fraud. [Account Takeover has occurred when an individual acquires another person's existing credit account information and purchases products and services at the victim's expense. Application Fraud has occurred when an individual uses another's Social Security Number or other Personally Identifiable Information to open new credit accounts in the victim's name.]

If you believe you are a victim of Identity Theft, contact the three major credit bureaus to place a fraud alert message on your credit file. When you place a fraud alert on your file, the credit reporting agencies will send you a copy of your credit report at no charge.

  • Experian (1-888-397-3742)
  • Equifax (1-800-525-6285)
  • TransUnion (1-800-680-7289)

Carefully review your credit reports for: accounts you did not open, inquiries from creditors you did not initiate, and for personal information (such as home address and social security number) that is not accurate. If you see anything you do not understand or any accounts you did not open, call the credit reporting agency at the telephone number on the report.

If you decide not to place a fraud alert on your credit file, you can still obtain free copies of your credit report by going to the following Annual Credit Report website (www.annualcreditreport.com) or by calling them toll-free at 1-877-322-8228. (Hearing impaired consumers can access their TDD service at

To learn more about identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission's web site to receive further information and insights about how to protect your identity from identity thieves.

Identity Theft Hotline: 877-438-4338
Web: www.consumer.gov/idtheft
Mail: Identity Theft Clearinghouse,
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W., Washington, DC 20580

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